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Boot from a USB in Windows 10 (UEFI)

1. Inside Windows 10, navigate to the start menu 2. Select the Settings Icon ![][1] 3. Select Update & Security ![][2] 4. Select the Recovery Tab from the left-hand menu 5. Select 'Restart Now' under the 'Advanced startup' section ![][3] 6. On the screen 'Choose an option' select the option 'Use a Device' ![]…

How to Boot from a CD or USB

# Changing the boot order on a computer tells the computer to find the device you selected and boot from it. In order to run WipeDrive, you will want to manually boot from the USB/CD. To do this, please refer to the following instructions: 1) Completely power off the computer. 2) Insert the USB/CD and power on the c…

How to use WipeDrive Home (Windows EXE Method)

_**A note before we begin:**_ _- The instructions below will cover how to use WipeDrive Home using the Windows Executable method. If you are trying to run the bootable CD/USB before Windows begins, please check [**this article**][1]._ ____________________________________________________________________________ **Ho…

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