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Change Log
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WipeDrive 9.7.2:

  • Added support for wiping Fusion-IO devices.
    • Note: The devices are required to be running the latest firmware version (v3.2.16). An attempt will be made to update the devices
    • to the latest version, however, there is no guarantee we have the firmware for your particular device.
  • Added support for cryptographic erasure of Opalite and Pyrite-enabled drives.
  • Added the ability to include log files (PDF, HTML, CSV, text, etc) when logging to an HTTP server.
  • Improved support for Enterprise Opal drives.
  • Improved support when issuing firmware erasure commands to some non-standards compliant NVMe drives.
  • Removed standalone verification from WipeDrive. See VeriDrive for all of your standalone verification needs.
    • Note: Wipe patterns that include verification, such as NIST, will continue to perform verification steps.
  • Fixed a bug that causes some duplication of certain record types when saving the same operation to the same database multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the software to wait indefinitely when restarting the network on a machine with an unconfigured wireless device.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the software to become unresponsive when retrying a failed logging attempt when running in text mode.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the user input fields to appear squished when using the option `condense-input=true`.



  • Added a tooltip to completed drive entries that include more detailed wipe results (firmware passes, NIST level, failure reason, etc).
  • Fixed bug where drives were not appearing as complete until all drives in that computer had finished.


Detalys v1.1:


  • Added option `test-countdown-seconds` to specify the number of seconds to wait between tests.
  • Added visual cues to show which keys are disabled/unavailable when running the keyboard tests.


Hardware Inventory v0.1:

  • Improved responsiveness during application startup.



WipeDrive 9.7.1:


  • Added an option to perform a zeroing pass after the completion of any wipe pattern.
  • Added support for saving log files to NTFS formatted USB drives.
  • Added the HTTP destination to the logging tab in the settings screen.
  • Added TPM action result to the drive summary tooltip.
  • Split the 'dont-use-secure-erase' option into separate options for each type of firmware command.
  • Fixed an issue preventing hardware details from being sent to Makor when using the integration in 'standard' mode.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the erasure of non-512 formatted drives if the drive's command set could not be determined.
  • Fixed an issue where certain NVidia cards were setting an incorrect screen resolution.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Test' button for SMTP logging always used TLS encryption, regardless of the setting.
  • Various other minor bug and crash fixes.




  • Added an option to include additional hardware information in the visual log files (html, pdf, text).
  • Added an option to the PXE server to show a lock screen after 'x' minutes on inactivity.
  • Added an option to start the VNC server on the PXE server itself.
  • Added the ability to send wipe progress to a server using the WebSocket protocol.
  • Fixed an issue with the progress overview screen causing status updates to happen too infrequently.


Detalys v1.1:


  • Redesigned the mouse testing interface in detalys.
  • Redesigned the keyboard testing interface in detalys.
  • Added the ability to import user-specific keyboard layouts to be used during the testing phase.


WipeDrive 9.7:


  • New: drive life estimation feature**
  • New: Now supports logging to PostgreSQL databases
  • New: Added a slot mapping configuration helper utility
  • New: Drives are now displayed in sorted order
  • New: Each wipe operation now has its own copy of the wipe options
  • New: Custom patterns now also support using hex characters to define overwrites
  • New: User field prompts will now display the drive serial number when using the job-per-drive option
  • New: The raid-auto option now also applies when reconfiguring supported raid controllers into HBA mode
  • New: Hardware test completion time is now recorded when logging into the database
  • New: Added support for connecting to the PXE server via VNC
  • New: Added option to select which results screen tab should receive focus by default
  • New: Added support to the PXE server for logging to NTFS-formatted USB drives
  • New: Now possible to reconfigure one failed logger without forcing you to reconfigure the other loggers
  • Fix: Possible for initial license check to fail if initialization took longer than expected
  • Fix: Exiting too quickly could prevent refunding of licenses (dongle only)
  • Fix: Some SQL queries were being incorrectly escaped and could cause logging to fail
  • Fix: Dongle server wasn't detecting usb dongle insertion/removal
  • Fix: In rare cases, the progress overlay would cause WipeDrive to crash
  • Fix: Bad information was displayed when restarting network interfaces from the network utilities options
  • Fix: Drive interface was not getting assigned when behind a MegaRAID controller
  • Fix: Crash caused when using the bootable-report-qrcode option without bootable-report being set
  • Fix: No longer charging for licenses on drives smaller than 1.1MB
  • Fix: The id-column-field option in the PXE GUI is now working again
  • Fix: Support script now handles USB devices without partitions and detects USBs in more situations


Detalys v1.1:


  • New: drive life estimation feature**
  • New: battery testing functionality
  • New: USB ports testing functionality
  • New: Now supports logging to PostgreSQL databases
  • New: Hardware test completion time is now recorded when logging into the database


Note: The drive life estimate is calculated by taking into consideration the values of the SMART attributes that are commonly associated with drive failure. This feature

is meant to give you a rough estimate of the drive's remaining life and is in no way a warranty or guarantee.


WipeDrive 9.6: 


  • Database schema updated to revision 40. New fields include: 

    • HardDisk logical sector size, bytes, WWID 
    • Motherboard asset tag, serial, version, total ram slots 

    • CPU family, serial, asset tag, max speed, voltage, signature, characteristics, flags 

    • Computer PCI express slots 

    • NIC interface, capabilities, configuration 

    • Multimedia PCI id 

    • DiskOperationLog pattern short name and pattern index 
    • Battery manufacturer date, capacity, cycle count, voltage (now/max design/min design) 
    • Mouse/keyboard product name 
    • Bios manufacturer, version, date, rom size, revision, firmware revision, characteristics 
  • Now able to create additional logs/reconfigure logging from the wipe results screen 
  • LDAP authentication support 

  • SFTP logging support (SSH File Transfer Protocol) 

  • Implicit FTPS logging support 

  • Now possible to save your settings back to the USB for subsequent uses 

  • Now recording NVMe percentage of life used as part of the wipe record 

  • Now reporting logging destination errors prior to starting a wipe in an attempt to give the user a chance to fix them 

  • Failed FTP and Email destinations will now prompt the user to update credentials 

  • Fixed a regression causing the software to ignore the user-selected character for US Army and Airforce wipe patterns 

  • Fix preventing the use of the `customer-list-file` option 

  • Fixed a bug that caused the software to endlessly prompt for a PSID with some Enterprise Opal drives 

  • IP address display is now updated when IP address changes 

  • Now logging results for all drives to Makor when using the hardware inventory only operation 

  • Greatly increased the amount of hardware information provided when using the Makor integration 

  • Improved handling of "problem" drives behind an HP Smart Array 

  • Better vendor information from drives behind an HP Smart Array 

  • Improved heuristics when determining if drives need to be reconfigured when behind an HP Smart Array 

  • Fixed a bug that could the program to crash when it encountered the translated versions of expected English strings 

  • Further improvements around error messaging during the activation process 

  • Displayed licensing details are now updated when changing license source in settings 

  • 'Unknown' drive types now display a wipe pattern on the wipe confirmation screen when using multiple wipe patterns 

  • Text-mode no longer crashing on exit when certain option combinations 

  • Text-mode no longer sits at the main menu when you specify to wipe all disks at the command line 

  • When running in text-mode, WipeDrive will now display the wipe pattern type on the wipe results screen 

  • You will no longer see an error message when combining text logging with the `log-leave-files` option 

  • Several improvements to the handling of the `display-progress-overview` option in different scenarios 

  • Various bug and crash fixes 

  • Added a button in the settings area to test email logging credentials 

  • Greatly decreased the timeouts around various network functions 

  • Fixed a bug preventing the use of static IP addresses 

  • Updated support debugging scripts 

  • New NOAPIC boot option to help boot Apple and other devices 

  • Hardware tests now record a valid start time when logging to database/json




  • New column to show the total number of drives (and/or the drive's index/slot) 

  • Wipe failures will now result in the client progress column displaying red 

  • Fixes to the 'Test' buttons on the 'Activation' tab in the settings area 

  • Fix for a bug that could cause the VNC button to display the wrong client 

  • Fixed a bug preventing progress from being displayed in rare cases  




  • Improved handling on systems with encrypted partitions 

  • No longer prompting for an activation code when using an offline license 




  • Detalys can now be run as a standalone program (in addition to being built into WipeDrive) 

  • Now able to adjust the brightness and contrast when testing the webcam 

  • UI improvements to the drive information screen 

  • UI improvements to the speaker and microphone testing screen 

  • Added keyboard shortcuts to hide the test dialog during the dead pixel test 

  • Network tests no longer report failure if no network devices are present 

  • Added new options to specify the number of seconds to perform a storage, CPU, or RAM test 

  • Added new option to specify whether a storage test should be destructive (ie: include a write test) 

  • Added new option to prevent the user from canceling hardware test 



  • The {wipe-status} field now reports the individual drive status instead of the overall status 

  • The software will no longer hang/crash when trying to exit 

  • It is no longer possible to get trapped in the settings screen in rare cases


WipeDrive 9.5:


  • Added VNC capabilities to the PXE server UI. When this option is enabled it is possible to remotely control the PXE clients from the server.
  • New JSON Pointer style syntax for field replacements. Any field available in the JSON report can now be used as a field replacement. See examples in sample-wd-options.cfg.
  • New HTTP log destination. It's now possible to POST a JSON report to a given URL. Example API can be provided on request.
  • Memory requirements have been dropped and WipeDrive should boot on systems with as little as 768 MB of RAM.
  • Makor log destination now includes hardware testing details, when applicable.
  • Licensing now has clearer, more consistent, error message.
  • Significant speedups when activating using the dongle server and license drive activation methods.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get stuck on the activation screen if there are no drives attached to the system.
  • All activation methods have been standardized to expire at the end of the expiration day.
  • VeriDrive license count display is updated after verification happens.
  • VeriDrive now supports all activation methods supported by WipeDrive.
  • VeriDrive now refunds licenses when an operation is canceled.
  • Fixed a bug where using a lowercase cloud code could cause offline activation to fail.
  • Added a new option `flag-sshd-devices` that causes a prompt to appear if an SSHD was selected to be wiped.
  • Redesigned the log destination widget on the Settings screen.
  • Added new post-wipe SMART options that behave similarly to their existing pre-wipe counterparts. `post-smart-max-remap`, `post-smart-test-short`, `post-smart-error-log-max`, `post-smart-id-max-value`, `fail-on-post-smart-fail`.
  • Display Power On Hours and Uncorrectable Errors in the Drive Information screen for NVME/SCSI drives that report these values.
  • Reworked the wipe confirmation screen to better handle cases where multiple wipe patterns are selected and which drives are using which patterns.
  • The confirmation screen no longer shows a warning that data will be removed from the drive(s) if the operation is not a wipe (ie: a hardware inventory operation).
  • Fixed some UI inconsistencies on the Speaker and Microphone testing screens.
  • WebCam hardware test is now automatically skipped if no WebCam is found.
  • The Flexstation was erroneously allowing wipe cancellation during firmware overwrites
  • The Flexstation now supports the `disable-wipe-cancel` option.
  • Results screen no longer shows "wipe" results for a verification-only operation.
  • Added a new option to disable the logging prompt that appears when logging hasn't been configured.
  • Logging errors will now wrap and scroll, as appropriate, instead of going offscreen.
  • The WipeDrive Wizard was incorrectly calculating the minimum partition size needed during installation, sometimes resulting in failures to boot WipeDrive.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the `skip-downloads` option from working when used with the WipeDrive GUI.
  • Added a new option `log-result-splashscreen`
  • Bootable report was showing the full DCO locked warning message instead of a simple 'Yes', when option `dco-lock-warning-level` was set to none.
  • The bootable report now supports saving hashed files to the partition, when the appropriate options are set.
  • The bootable report now supports saving other report types to the partition, with a directory structure, when directories are included in the `log-filename-pattern`
  • Updated the font used in the PDF reports.
  • The text report has been updated and now contains the same information that is displayed in the PDF and HTML reports.
  • Minor adjustments to the PDF and HTML report formatting and styling, especially for non-English languages.
  • Added sanity checks to ensure empty log files cause logging errors.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the SMTP log destination from accepting multiple email addresses in the To and CC fields.
  • Fixed an issue where if a `log-filename-pattern` included a directory it would cause errors with a number of log destinations.
  • Database logger now supports the newer MySQL authentication methods (sha256_password and caching_sha2_password).
  • Post-wipe SMART information was not always being recorded in some edge cases.
  • FTP log destination now supports creating directories, whether included in the `ftp-directory` or `log-filename-pattern` options.
  • The memory hardware test was reporting an incorrect runtime duration.
  • Fixed an issue with the text report where using `consolidated-logging` with `log-txt-separate` would still generate consolidated logs.
  • Added Interface and TrimType fields to the Device object in the JSON report.


WipeDrive 9.4.2:


  • Add messaging when logging is being initialized
  • Fixed an issue where the drive serial was not displayed in text mode during the wipe
  • Fixed an issue where if bad drives were present in a MegaRAID array WipeDrive would continually prompt to reconfigure it
  • Fixed an issue when behind a RAID, the physical drive's details (serial, model, etc) were not reported. Instead you'd see what the RAID controller presented


WipeDrive 9.4.1:


  • Fixed a bug that could cause drive information to be excluded from the loggers in rare cases.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the UI to ignore the system's screen resolution when run as a PXE client.


WipeDrive 9.4:

  • Added speaker and microphone hardware testing ability
  • Added the ability to reset a computer's TPM as part of the wiping process
  • If the network disconnects at any point during the wipe process, WipeDrive will attempt to automatically reconnect. If the automatic reconnection fails, you'll be prompted to address the network issue manually
  • Added HiDPI support to WipeDrive and friends. If needed, you can manually control the UI scaling factor through the ui-scaling-factor option
  • The PXE server can now be installed directly to NVMe and MMC drives. A number of other improvements have been made to the installation process as well
  • The timeout for checking for a network connection on boot has been increased and the polling interval decreased. This will speed things up on slower networks
  • Updates to the EFI bootloaders
  • Unified the look and feel of the boot menus used throughout WipeDrive and friends
  • Logging results screen will now scroll when more items listed than can be displayed
  • `The Use SSL` FTP option value is now handled correctly in the settings screen
  • Added additional hard disk vendors to the internal lookup table
  • The XML logger now includes the sector size in the Devices section
  • The XML logger now displays job information when a hardware inventory operation occurs
  • Added a new option `skip-downloads` that prevents all ancilliary downloads from happening (eg: driveinfo.json.enc)
  • The Wizard uninstaller now removes the license.dat, if one was installed
  • The Flexstation UI will now display wipe results for each drive as it finishes instead of waiting until the end to update all drives
  • The default logger, if none was specified, has been switched from text to json
  • The default logging destination, if none was specified, has been switched from a temporary in-memory location to `removable`
  • Fixed a bug that would cause certain SCSI drives to be detected as ATA drives
  • Fixed a bug that was causing 520-byte ATA drives to immediately fail at the start of a wipe
  • Fixed a bug that would cause SQL logging to fail when SCSI S.M.A.R.T attributes were saved
  • Fixed a bug that would cause SCSI post-wipe S.M.A.R.T fields to overwrite the values stored in the pre-wipe table
  • Fixed a bug preventing the PXE UI from no longer showing license details
  • Fixed a bug that could cause WipeDrive to detect and report more processors than were available
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the JSON logger to reporting the wrong number of passes (verification only)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Makor logging to hang if no wipable drives were attached to the system
  • Fixed a bug that would cause verification to fail in VeriDrive when the user selected to skip sectors at the beginning and the end of the disk
  • Other minor bug fixes and general usability improvements



  • Bootable report QR code can now make use of all available user replacement fields
  • Bootable report QR code screen now includes the WipeDrive header
  • Sector viewer now allows you to enter a specific sector number to jump to
  • Support script now gathers details about NVMe and MMC devices
  • Boot options are now consistent across various boot methods
  • Fixed a bug where user field replacements were replacing the name, not the value
  • Fixed a bug where reallocated sector count always appeared in the PDF/HTML, regardless if disabled
  • Fixed a bug where pattern name was not being recorded for verification-only operations
  • Fix for some NVMe devices that were reporting incorrect sector sizes
  • WipeDrive Wizard now uses the native resolution when booting EFI
  • Fixed a bug where PDF and HTML reports were displaying a character value instead of the number for the PreTest seconds
  • Fixed a number of crashes and program freezes in various areas of the codebase


WipeDrive 9.3.2: 

  • Added hardware testing support for webcams
  • Added a new option (--ignore-amax-size) to work around some buggy drives
  • Removed the legacy --inventory option. Please use --wipe-level=Y going forward.
  • Fixed a bug where WipeDrive would not detect the mode of some HP RAID controllers (like the P410i) and would fail to reconfigure the device.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the WipeDrive Wizard (EXE) to not detect any hard drives
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the WipeDrive Flexstation UI to wait indefinitely for logging
  • Fixed issues preventing the Aiken integration from interpreting our wipe results
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements


WipeDrive 9.3.1:

  • RAM Testing
  • Added support for the newer Adaptec RAID cards (7/8 series) that support HBA/Mixed modes
  • Configuration file can now store sensitive options (like passwords) in an encrypted format.
  • Log files can now be saved in an encrypted format when used with the option --log-password=<user supplied password>
  • The bootable report can now display a QR Code instead of the wipe report. The contents of this QR Code can be controlled through the use of the --bootable-report-qrcode=<contents> option. Replacement patterns are also supported. See the sample-wd-options.cfg for a list of available replacement patterns.
  • Log reports now include the NVMe EUI64 where applicable
  • Log reports now include the drive sector size
  • Additional S.M.A.R.T fields are now being captured for SCSI drives.
  • Added a new option --save-logs-to-partition that can be used in conjunction with the --bootable-report option to allow saving log files back to the disk.
  • WipeDrive was attempting to use ATA security features on some drives that did not support them
  • CSV logger now works during hardware inventory operations that do not include hard drives
  • The bootable report logger will now display an error when no drives are attached and therefore cannot create a report
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if an invalid progress-ip-address was provided
  • Fixed an issue that caused MMC devices to no longer be detected
  • Fixed a number of issues that would cause WipeDrive to report that the engine has stopped
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the progress overview screen from appearing when the option was set
  • Fixed an issue when using the Makor integration that when run in “report” mode would force WipeDrive to always use a standard overwrite
  • Fixed an issue where custom fields would be duplicated
  • Fixed an issue that would cause user fields with default values to be removed only when combined with the condense-input option
  • All activation methods are now required to have expiration dates
  • Fixed a rare issue where the BSI pattern would fail checksum verification, even though the data was erased
  • Improved device vendor detection
  • A number of minor UI improvements
  • Now requires database schema v38


WipeDrive 9.3:

  • Detalys (Hardware testing) added.
  • Drive scanning speed greatly improved
  • Before the wipe starts you can add/remove drives & WipeDrive will detect them.
  • Added a QR code option for offline activation
  • Added the dongle server option to the activation screen
  • License count now updated in UI after taking/refunding licenses
  • Improved messaging when encountering licensing errors
  • License details in program footer now has a tool tip that shows license details for other licensed products/features
  • Redesigned the PDF layout
  • Redesigned the HTML layout
  • Various changes to logging to comply with NCSC certification requirements
  • Text logger now reports sectors verified during verification-only operations
  • Added an option to display a signature line in the PDF report
  • Fixed font encoding issues when displaying non-ASCII characters in the PDF report
  • Custom fields now appear in hardware inventory only reports
  • FIXED: SSD percentage of life used was not always recorded in the reports
  • Database logging requires an update to schema version 37
  • Added Trim passes to HTML and PDF reports
  • Logging results screen now displays which USB was logged to
  • Fixed issue where many special characters could not be used in passwords when logging to a Microsoft SQL database
  • Fixed how the Pre-Test section was being recorded in the XML/JSON loggers
  • Fixed issue that was preventing hardware inventory only reports from being generated when no drives were attached
  • Better error messaging when you attempt to log to USB and multiple USB devices are attached
  • Added support for SCSI enclosure services
  • Added Aiken integration
  • Added German translations
  • Updated Spanish/French translations
  • Added a network status indicator in the program footer that shows the connection state and IP info
  • Added the ability to set the timezone from the time dialog
  • Added a new option that can throttle NVMe drives to prevent drives from overheating in some rare cases
  • The Wizard executable can now embed network.cfg and scripts
  • Flexstation will now flag 'bad' drives and warn the user that wiping may not be successful
  • Flexstation now shows additional wipe information when hovering over a finished drive
  • Flexstation will now display the estimated NIST level that a drive is likely to achieve
  • Added a new boot option that will put the machine to sleep during the boot process to remove DCO freeze locks
  • Updated Linux kernel for improved hardware support
  • Added an NTP service to the PXE server
  • Added additional boot parameters that allow the user to instruct where WipeDrive should look for configuration files during boot
  • Opal prompt will now show model number if the slot number is not available
  • Multiple progress IP addresses can now be specified in the config file
  • FIXED: SecureErase + 1 overwrite with verify or NNSA NAP 14.1-C pattern was ignoring the dont-use-secure-erase flag
  • Some HP SmartArray cards were not correctly detected when in HBA mode (HP P822 for instance)
  • Drives reporting a size of zero will no longer show up as wipe-able
  • Will now gather post-wipe S.M.A.R.T information in situations we previously would not
  • Will now retry gathering S.M.A.R.T information when I/O errors are encountered
  • Some SCSI drives were incorrectly flagged as ATA drives
  • Some SCSI drives were incorrectly flagged as having a DCO lock
  • Fixed a bug that caused issues when parsing the slotmappings.json file
  • Some drives were erroneously reporting wipe failure after DCO/AMAX was removed
  • Hardware inventory now requires a separate license type
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements


WipeDrive 9.1.3:

  • Added options to the GUI for setting wipe patterns based on the drive type
  • Added support for Marvell RAID controllers using mvcli
  • Now correctly handling PERC controllers configured in HBA mode
  • The sector viewer screen was redesigned as a dialog window
  • Added a button to the sector viewer to jump to a random sector
  • The drive information screen was redesigned as a dialog window
  • The progress overview screen now detects the correct screen resolution
  • The display-progress-overview option now only controls whether the screen is shown by default
  • You will no longer be prompted for a custom field when a default value was already configured
  • Custom fields are now reported to Makor when run in 'report' mode
  • Customers using the Makor integration in 'standard' mode can now specify additional wipe patterns though the ERP (eg: NIST, SSD, and HMG Baseline/Enhanced)
  • The Makor integration, when run in 'standard' mode, no longer requires drives to be tied to an asset for an erasure to happen


WipeDrive 9.0.1:

  • Added the NIST 800-88r-1 + 3 pass wipe pattern
  • Added better messaging when a purge doesn’t happen
  • Modified the SlotMapper to support multiple controller cards
  • Added MMC TRIM support
  • Verification-only passes now log the number of sectors verified
  • Support for HP Smart Array cards that support mixed mode
  • Adds support for the PERC H730/740/840 controller cards
  • Devices behind a RAID will no longer be NIST classified
  • Various bug fixes


NOTE: the DataCenter edition remains on v9.0.


WipeDrive 9.0:

  • New UI with better support for higher resolutions
  • Fixed CSV so it includes first drive information
  • Hybrid drive detection added
  • Firewire ports always in xml and json reports
  • HP Smart array supporting SSD in RAID configuration
  • Fixed custom pattern not loading issue
  • SSD ‘percentage of life left’ added to logs
  • Option to remove reallocated sectors from HTML and PDF logs
  • XML/JSON fix to include raid drives as such
  • Fixed Japanese pdf reports
  • Enhanced error reporting on verify passes
  • Allow hardware inventory when no drives present
  • Enhanced ATA sanitize so controllers that incorrectly report status no longer hang forever
  • Explain reason NIST level was reached/not reached
  • Log naming filters out/replaces characters that are illegal for FAT


WipeDrive 8.3.2:

  • Adds support for wireless networking. New configuration options in the network.cfg file.
  • More improvements when using HP Smart Array controllers, specifically the P408i and P410i.
  • Added support for the MegaRAID 9440-8i controller.
  • Added support for Dell Boot Optimized Storage Solution (BOSS).
  • Added support for the PERC H740P controller.
  • Further improvements to the Makor integration.
  • Further improvements and fixes to the license drive activation method.
  • Greatly improved laptop trackpad support.
  • Greatly improved suspend/resume support when removing security locks from hard drives.
  • Possible to enable per-drive custom fields (using option --enable-job-per-drive).
  • No longer prompt for a computer-id when using the asset-tag-as-computer-id option.
  • Microsoft SQL logging will default to using port 1433, unless otherwise specified.
  • Can now include a directory path when logging to a file.
  • Fixed issue where slot mapping only worked for the card in slot 0.
  • Fixed case where system memory wasn’t correctly recorded in hardware details.
  • Other minor UI changes and bug fixes.

WipeDrive 8.3.1:

  • Switched to PXELINUX for compatibility reasons when booting legacy BIOS clients.
  • Log files with non-ascii characters in the filename can now be saved to USB drives successfully.
  • Improved Sanitize Device support detection on some devices.
  • Improved serial number detection for USB thumb drives.
  • Pre-wipe user fields are now saved to the database at the beginning of the wipe.
  • Fixed a crash when logging HTML, PDF, or Text when using the ‘Hardware Only’ pass.
  • Bootable report will now wrap long lines in cases that would previously be cut off.
  • Updated the watermark graphic in the PDF files.
  • Created PDF file sizes are now dramatically smaller (~10x decrease).
  • Fixed a bug that would always report failure to connect when using the ‘Test Database Settings’ button with Microsoft SQL server and domain-based Windows authentication.
  • Better error messages when using the ‘Test Database Settings’ with a Microsoft SQL server.
  • License drive activation will now work on partition-less drives.
  • Various compatibility fixes for HP SmartArray P410i controller.
  • Fixed bugs when using the --solid-random option alongside the NIST 800-88r1 and SSD wipe patterns.
  • Fixed cases where using the --pre-wipe-encryption-key-reset option would cause drives capable of reaching a NIST purge to only reach clear.
  • Increased user field length from 40 to 60 characters.
  • Fixed cases where Opal could not be used on supported hardware when booted from PXE or EXE.
  • Various minor bugfixes.

WipeDrive 8.3:

  • Makor integration

  • Add support for Sanitize Device option Crypto Scramble

  • Slot mappings now based on PHY address instead of SAS address

  • Added a JSON log type

  • Now shows vendor information for ADATA brand drives

  • Bootable reports now work with NVMe and MMC drives

  • Opal erasure passes are now flagged as such in the UI

  • PDF log now includes reallocated sector count & security locked status

  • XML/Database logs now include security locked/frozen status & failure reason

  • GUI now displays additional details on wipe results screen (hover in 'Status' column)

  • TUI now shows failure reason after wipe completion

  • Fixed problems reconfiguring RAID on some Dell PowerEdge server

  • Reconfigures logical drives in more cases with HP SmartArray controllers

  • Fixed issue configuring to HBA mode on HP SmartArray P420i controllers

  • No longer taking licenses from drives under 1MB

  • Added detection for thunderbolt ports

  • Added more detail to --drive-info option

  • Database upped to revision 34.

  • Added the ability to customize the company logo

  • Update includes VeriDrive to v0.4.5

  • Now possible to configure DNS server on PXE server

  • Now possible to configure a static gateway on the PXE server for the "live" network interface

  • Fixed issues where keyboard/mouse may not work when the PXE server was installed to disk

  • PXE boot interface has been cleaned up. Now shows 'Loading' messaging during boot

  • Standalone builds can now configure the network interface based off a specific mac address

  • Standalone builds can disable all networking through the network.cfg file

  • Better explanation of options included in the sample-network.cfg file

  • Increased SETTLE_DELAY to 10 seconds by default

  • Lots of minor bug fixes/improvements

WipeDrive 8.2:

  • Standalone builds will now configure the first network card with a ‘link’ state, rather than always eth0.
  • It is now possible through the network.cfg file to configure a default gateway on the PXE server.
  • PXE EFI 32-bit is now SecureBoot capable.
  • CD booting should work more reliably on UEFI hardware (ie: non-legacy mode)
  • Updated the sample wd-options.cfg file.
  • Added the ability to set logging options after a wipe/verify is complete, if none were configured prior to wipe start.
  • Added a flag for MMC devices in the UI.
  • Added new field replacements: {wipe-name}, {wipe-name-with-dashes}, {long-wipe-name}, and {long-wipe-name-with-dashes}
  • Network debug tab in the Options area now includes dongle/cloud activation server testing.
  • Samba logger now defaults to using protocol version 2, unless otherwise specified.
  • Added the ability to perform an Opal reset using the PSID on supported SEDs.
  • Added support for FTPS (FTP w/ SSL encryption).
  • Slot numbers can now be mapped to SAS addresses using a custom mapping file.
  • The Samba flag --samba-try-all-security was, incorrectly, ignoring the --samba-options flag.
  • Added support for connecting to MSSQL servers using ntlmv2.
  • Fixed slow wiping times on NVMe drives that reported bogus values for sector transfer count.
  • Fixed issue where some SCSI drives reported a sector size of 0.
  • Initial integration with Makor (supports reporting audit information and hard drive wipe status)
  • Added support for the NVMe TRIM command.
  • Improved RAID support on 64-bit builds.
WipeDrive 8.1.4:
  • Added support for 64-bit builds
  • Improved NIST behavior when SecureErase fails on SSDs
  • Fixed case where NIST level was reported as Unknown when level was actually a clear or purge
  • Added a `SecurityCode` hash to the XML and database logs to tell if a log has been tampered with
  • TUI now shows offline activation screen
  • TUI wouldn’t activate if cloud code passed as a command line argument
  • Improved compatibility with NVMe drives
  • HTML, PDF, and text logs will now only show firmware passes if count is greater than zero
  • Apple devices can now NetBoot using the Startup Manager (pressing and holding the option key)
  • Apple devices with multiple network cards should boot more reliably now.
Other changes to the Linux system:
  • PXE server can now be installed from a USB drive (was CD-only previously).
  • PXE can now boot EFI (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • PXE EFI 64-bit is SecureBoot capable.
  • PXE can now do Apple Netboot (pressing and holding the ‘N’ key only—it will not appear in the startup manager)
  • PXE now includes an update script for previous installs (see: /hard_drive_install/
WipeDrive 8.1.3
  • Added option to favor DMI CPU info over lscpu, when available.  (use-dmi-cpu-info=true)
  • Implements patent #20150074425. Added pre/post wipe encryption key/crypto erase options.
    • pre-wipe-encryption-key-reset=true
    • post-wipe-encryption-key-reset=true
  • Improved canceling wipes on ‘hung’ drives.  Cancel, wait 5 seconds, and cancel again if still hung to bypass.

WipeDrive 8.1.2

  • Added option to turn off DCO locked warning. (hide-dco-locked-warning=true)
  • NVME drives now pull vendor details more reliably.
  • Improved support for wiping USB flash drives.
  • Improved support for local dongle activation (multiple retries).

WipeDrive 8.1.1

  • Implemented support for NVME firmware commands (secure erase, crypto erase, etc)
  • Fixed intermittent access issues when using blue activation dongles.
  • Enhanced logging to a USB drive on a PXE server. Device no longer needs to remain plugged in throughout wipe.
  • Fixed issue where some USB drives were reporting a sector size of 0.
  • Double check firmware overwrite success by writing some known data to the drive prior to a firmware erasure.

NOTE: VeriDrive is included on all of the WipeDrive ISOs.

WipeDrive 8.1
  • Added the NIST wipe pattern
  • Added detection/removal for SCSI HPAs (resized drives)
  • Added support for SCSI Sanitize
  • Drive progress calculations are now more accurate
  • Can now log to both Samba and USB at the same time
  • User options list can now be modified from the GUI (--user-values=<…>)
  • Hard drive firmware/interface information is now logged
  • Fixed issue were successful logs weren’t shown if one of the loggers failed
  • Fixed a crash if you used XML logging for a verification
  • Fixed an issue with XML files where the <Hardware> section was missing and details were saved to <Report>
  • HTML logs were sometimes missing images
  • Other minor bug fixes

WipeDrive 8.0.28:

  • Fixed issue where devices with both a DCO and HPA would report an HPA but not that it was removed.

WipeDrive 8.0.27:

  • Fixes HPA not being detected.
  • Fixes issue logging to Microsoft SQL databases.
  • Fixes issue saving multiple log files on strict servers (proftpd).

WipeDrive 8.0.26:

  • Added DCO locked warning to all other loggers.
  • Added sectors verified count to loggers.
  • Added new fields to database for upcoming NIST pattern.

WipeDrive 8.0.25

  • Detects if drive is DCO locked. Logged in the PDF report.
  • Fixed an issue where the FTP logger wouldn’t be retried on failure.
  • Fixed an issue with HP SmartArray controllers in HBA mode that wouldn’t show drives with configuration data.
  • Added model detection for Micron mSATA drives.
  • Fixed issue where drives that didn’t support HPA would be flagged as having a DCO and fail the wipe.
  • Added new wipe report type “bootable report”.

WipeDrive 8.0.24

  • Fixed a problem where removing an HPA/DCO would sometimes cause a wipe to fail, even when successfully removed.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a DCO was flagged as an HPA.
  • SQL logging enhanced to prevent possibility of duplicate logs on failed logging attempts.
  • Better messaging when a configuration file could not be loaded.
  • Text log now shows the UUID.
  • Fixed bug where you could bypass inputting the required user fields by pressing ‘esc’ when using the option --condense-input.
  • Fixed bug causing the --reduced-prompting option to not exit on completion.

WipeDrive 8.0.23

  • Fixed bug where drives with large physical sector sizes were displaying incorrect drive sizes.
  • Added sectors overwritten and sectors not written to the PDF report.
  • Added hotkeys to switch between the progress overlay and detailed progress screens.
  • PDF logs now show the user fields in <Name>:<Value> format.
  • Fixed a rare crash when getting drive information from HP SmartArray 5i controllers.
WipeDrive 8.0.22
  • SCSI drives that respond to ATA commands will now be correctly flagged as SCSI drives.
  • Fixed an issue where some HP SmartArray controllers would be flagged as supported HBA mode when they really did not.
  • Added new option --exit-options.
WipeDrive 8.0.21
  • Changed the order of the wipe patterns
  • Lots of wording/layout changes to the consumer activation screens.
  • Cancelling offline activation no longer is considered a failure. It can now be retried.
WipeDrive 8.0.20
  • Enhancements and fixes to USB logging, especially when multiple USB drives are present. See sample config file option: --log-removable.
  • Non-dongle builds now require a license.dat file to be present in order to run.
  • Added new progress screen that can be seen from a distance easier. See sample config file option: display-progress- overview.
WipeDrive 8.0.19
  • Added pre-test option. When set WipeDrive will read from random locations on the device for the specified number of seconds. If an error is encountered the wipe will fail with ‘canceled on error’.
  • Fixed a bug where custom fields were not being logged to SQL or PDF.
  • Added ‘Passes’ and ‘IsSSD’ fields to XML log.
  • Added the Ethernet card link status to network utilities screen.
WipeDrive 8.0.18
  • Fixed an issue where a busy MSSQL server might return the ID of the newest record (not necessarily the one we inserted).
  • Fixed a crash that would happen if you tried to activate with a green dongle too quickly.
WipeDrive 8.0.17
  • Enhanced LSI SAS RAID helper to get better drive details (serial, model, vendor, etc).
  • Added back support for black dongles (mistakenly removed when speeding up dongle checking on linux)
  • PXE server option added to allow the display of a user field in the header of the PXE GUI. see option: --header-display-field
  • Fixed an issue where drive vendor wasn’t pulled from drives behind a RAID controller.
WipeDrive 8.0.16
  • When user fields had a value set in the configuration file and were also set as required the field was not always stored in logs.
WipeDrive 8.0.15
  • When multiple USB devices are found while logging to removable WipeDrive will now find the first one that doesn’t have WipeDrive boot files on it and log there. If all have the boot files it will use the first device as the target.
  • Added a ‘Test’ button to the FTP settings area.
  • The ‘--do-verify’ and ‘--do-quick-verify’ options would not automatically skip to the verify screen.
WipeDrive 8.0.14
  • Added NVMe flag so devices are easily identified.
  • Fixed issue with new Apple NVMe device (requires kernel 4.6.1 or later).

WipeDrive 8.0.13:

  • Fixed an error when attempting to log to a USB
WipeDrive 8.0.12:
  • French translation is no longer showing the French Canadian translation
  • Fixed description for the US Army AR380-19 wipe pattern
  • Performance improvements when looking for a dongle as part of activation sequence
  • Lots of fixes related to network share logging
  • show-dco-option now works with standalone builds
  • Fixed crash with XML logging SMART data
  • Updated HP raid tools to detect cards that support HBA mode and put them into that mode (reboot required)
  • Added Spanish translations
  • Fixed bugs related to handling of bool option types (most notably issues with the settings screens)
WipeDrive 8.0.11:
  • Fixed hardware only wipe pattern not getting logged to database
  • Added replacement type {drive-types} for Cyclelution
  • Fixed bug where existing drives would get logged again to the database
  • Fixed HP raid issue
WipeDrive 8.0.10:
  • CPU speed rounded to nearest 100
WipeDrive 8.0.9:
  • Changed SSD wipe name
  • Added a pass to SSD wipe so now it does 250%
  • Changed SSD wipe to show first
  • Checks for USB dongle presence in /sys/bus/usb before calling dongle library functions
  • Fixed Cyclelution drive-sizes-sum not working problem
WipeDrive 8.0.8:
  • Fixed HP raid card problem where old cards didn't think they needed to be reconfigured
  • Found a case where CPU model was not available from dmi info-uses info from lscpu if not found
  • Relaxed cases where write same is tested for so it works with more enclosures
  • No longer disabling lshw scsi bus scan so cdrom's are detected again

WipeDrive 8.0.3:

  • Cloud activation page no longer shows dongle option for consumer builds
  • Added pci-id logging in sql/xml for video, nic, and storage controllers
  • Added cesg fields in sql/xml (sectors overwritten/not overwritten)
  • Added drive/slot numbers to the gui
  • Fixed verify sql logging not working from the gui
  • Fixed crashes in xml and text loggers when hardware only wipe was chosen
  • Fixed bug with gui updating in endless loop (maxing out cpu)
  • Fixed problem when accessing dongleserver with dongle that didn't have an expiration set
  • Fixed selected count to show correct number of drives on startup when --disk option used
  • Fixed going to settings and cancelling so it doesn't remove the wipe pattern selection
  • Fixed invalid hpa settings (native > max). New flag is displayed (HPA-invalid) and size is now correctly reported
  • Fixed issue with getting prompted for confirmation twice (before and after reboot)
  • Added caching
  • Streamlined aquire code to make less dongle API calls

WipeDrive 8.0

  • New UI
  • Added ability to cancel individual drives
  • Flag added so it is easy to see what drives are SSD’s
  • Flag added to easily see if drive has remapped sectors
  • Consolidated logging option (all drives reported in same log file)
  • New HTML logger
  • Sector viewer has a scrollbar for quickly moving over contents of device
  • Can ‘blink’ drives that were successfully wipe making it easier to find failed drives
  • Licensing with now attempt all license options even when a dongle server is specified
  • WipeDrive will now attempt a write same overwrite even if the device didn’t report it 
  • supported write same on SCSI devices

WipeDrive 7.8.39

  • CPU info parsing is now more correct on macs
  • Duplicate RAM sticks no longer logged

WipeDrive 7.8.38

  • Added option to use SHA1 instead of RSA for use on older hardware
  • Added smart SSD wipe pattern
  • Now using DMI for gathering some hardware details
  • Added more hardware details to SQL and XML loggers
    • Cpu threads, L3 cache, cpu id
    • Battery vendor, product, serial number, type
    • Memory stick vendor, capacity, speed, form factor, type, detail, serial, asset tag, part number

WipeDrive 7.8.36

  • Added BSI wipe pattern
  • Option to ignore DCO reported size (only to be used on drives that report bad information)
  • NVMe drives are now detected and can be wiped
  • Added ability to test logging destination connection (samba, sql, etc)
  • Samba security options can now be configured in the settings UI
  • Added ability to retry logging
  • Added support for PERC 6 cards
  • Added isSSD column to HardDisk table (sql logger)

WipeDrive 7.8.28

  • Better parsing of slot numbers (when available)
  • Dongle server now reports when a dongle is not inserted
  • Failed action results reported in red; successes in green (PDF logging)
  • Added Cyclelution as a logging destination 
  • XML/PDF now report wipe UUID
  • Database logger now reports memory details (capacity, number of banks, description)
  • Updated arcconf tool 

WipeDrive 7.8.22

  • ‘Soft errors’ will now be retried instead of the drives being instantly counted as failures
  • Date and time now displayed in GUI. Added dialog to allow changing of date and time as well.
  • Fixed bug where auto wiping wouldn’t happen when raid-auto was set and number-of-confirmations=0
  • Added tooltips to display drive information on GUI progress screens
  • Fixed bug where drives would get logged to the database multiple times (instead of referencing  previous entry)
  • User field prompts can now include a drop down list of selectable options for the user
  • Replacement fields can now include a maximum length ( ie: {date:5} )
  • XML log format has been rewritten and greatly improved
  • Added support to test database logging connection parameters from settings screen in GUI
  • Added a network utilities tab in the GUI settings area to allow easier network troubleshooting
  • Solid random option will no longer allow 0 or 255 as possible values
  • Fixed bug where disable wipe cancel option didn’t work in the GUI
  • Changed SMART self-tests from ‘captive’ mode to ‘short offline’ for better compatibility across drive models
  • Added option so random passes will use the same randomly chosen character instead of an entirely random pattern
  • Added option to reset/rescan LSI FC controllers
  • Hardware details pass logs can now be saved to the database
  • Added option to display a single dialog with all user fields instead of prompting individually
  • Added a new “wipe pattern” that just collects hardware details—no wipe takes place
  • Added a prompt to re-log when logging fails. New details/credentials can be entered.
  • Added support for the new driverless “blue” activation dongles

WipeDrive 7.8

  • Added asynchronous read/write support
  • Added support for WriteSame on ATA and SCSI devices
  • Added native support for 520 byte blocks
  • Added options to use legacy drive scanning/wiping
  • Logging results will now be displayed in color (based on success/failure)
  • Cleaned up dongle/cloud messaging used for “home” builds
  • Fixed crash with HP RAID cards

WipeDrive 7.3

  • Added an option to remove or set a custom watermark when using PDF logger
  • Added a sector viewer
  • Added option to blink lights on failed drives
  • All drive operations now include a UUID
  • Added option to display sector viewer button on results page after a wipe/verify
  • Drive tag now includes the UUID
  • Drive tag is now written to second sector (as well as the first and last as it previously did)
  • Added BOM to CSV logging when language is set to Japanese
  • Changed prompt for removable device to only appear after a wipe has finished
  • Updated translations
  • Failed drives now appear in red on GUI summary screen
  • Wipe speed in MB/s now shown on progress page
  • PXE GUI now displays its IP address on the main screen
  • Added options to ignore DCO/HPA areas
  • PDF log now includes SMART information, when available
  • Updated Japanese translations
  • Changed drive limitation from 100 drives to 300
  • Added Japanese translations
  • Wizard now includes pages to configure Email and FTP logging options
  • Vendor name is now correctly displayed for Micron SSDs
  • GUI now displays logging results for all loggers
  • Fixed a crash when logging to a database and a network share at the same time
  • Option ‘prompt-for-samba-credentials’ now works as expected in GUI mode

WipeDrive 7.2.5

  • Added option to log only wipe information (ie: without hardware details) when using the PDF logger
  • Added a bunch of options to the GUI that were previously unexposed
  • Added an option to allow writing of log files directly to the wiped drive
  • Improved detection of boot USB to prevent wiping itself
  • Updated translations
  • Fixed crash with LSI SCSI RAID cards that didn’t support free space detection
  • Fixed bug where TUI would refund licenses twice on failed wipe
  • Added support for SSD whitelisting
  • Added keep-alive messaging so PXE server knows when clients disappear unexpectedly
  • Text logger now includes machine serial number
  • PXE option to display serial numbers instead of IP addresses to track machines
  • Fixed crash with LSI SAS RAID cards that didn’t report drive manufacturer
  • Added ability to batch log ‘jobs’ together (special PDF-only log)
  • Added custom prompts for ‘job’ fields
  • Updated dongle server to display if a dongle is detected on startup and the count/expiration details

WipeDrive 7.2

  • SMART data is logged.
  • Linux kernel version now put in log files.
  • If going through jmicron usb-sata controller we no longer attempt to use TRIM on SSD’s.
  • If logging to removable the mounting of the removable log device is done before drives are scanned.
  • Bad sector and drive error counts now displayed on the report displayed on the screen (was just in logs before).
  • Quick verify now possible in custom patterns.
  • Secure Erase now possible in custom patterns.
  • Added Adaptec SCSI RAID controller support.
  • Added LSI SAS RAID controller support (Perc 6/I).
  • Added Dell PE2950 support.
  • Added Dell PE2850 support.
  • Added Dell PE1950 support.
  • Added T610 support.
  • Additional RAID support/fixes.
  • Offline Cloud Activation.
  • Added option to fail a drive before wiping if SMART status shows drive is failing.
  • Added option to try all different security options when making a CIFS (windows share) connection.
  • Added option to display IP address of machine in UI.
  • Added option to report user metrics back to our server (ie: wipe details, hardware info, linux configuration, etc).
  • Added option to leave email logging file/script on disk (useful for debugging).
  • Added options to leave other loggers files in /tmp (useful for debugging).
  • LsiScsiRaid now warns about failing drives; can still wipe the good drives.
  • Added ability to verify multiple drives concurrently.
  • PDF log is now has a watermark.
  • Database logging contains more hardware information - battery, storage controllers, network card speed, form factor, firewire ports.
  • CSV log now contains the wipe type.
  • Networking details can now be provided in a network.cfg file.
  • More than 26 SCSI generic devices can now be detected (would stop at 26 before)
  • Added additional custom field replacements: {hostname}, {ipaddress}, {wipe-status}, {overall-status}
  • Major changes to the underlying Linux system.
    • Reduced distribution size by a little over 50%
    • Boots noticably faster
    • Drivers are loaded on demand (fixes some issues with weird hardware)
  • As always, many bug fixes and improvements.

WipeDrive 7.0.4

  • MTC validation problems now reported in GUI.
  • When a drive is unlocked the linux device is reset so linux will requery the drive information.
  • Added option to make it so users can set whatever samba mount options they’d like
  • Enhanced USB detection
  • Gathers data on hardware and results of wiping for helping determine missing support for hardware.

WipeDrive 7.0

  • Raid controller support – Will attempt to reconfigure raids for best wiping and logging results – or at least get serial numbers for the drives being wiped
  • Changed warning text on TUI to be in bright yellow so it stands out
  • Using instead of localhost to avoid issue when hosts file is missing/bad
  • Added MSSQL logging support via ODBC and removed legacy TDS support
  • If stop on dirty option is selected the drive will stop when it first encounters a problem rather than keep wiping unless ALL drives encountered an issue.
  • Added AFSSI 8580 pattern
  • Added USB information to SQL logs
  • Clarified raid related error messages
  • CSV logs had incorrect information for optical drives not present
  • Gathering hardware information is started when WipeDrive starts and is done in the background to improve logging performance
  • Reduced some UI ‘flickering’
  • Getting more serial numbers on devices behind raid controllers
  • Enhanced TUI so it can show wiping results of more drives ( scrollable )
  • Updated VISTR pattern to match spec from Fujitsu/Germany
  • Option to prompt user to enter hard drive serial number if WipeDrive could not determine it
  • Allow selection of individual drives to wipe rather than just 1 or all.
  • GUI can type ‘info’ to get build information on WipeDrive
  • XML log is escaped for special characters
  • Added options to allow logs to be sent through gmail
  • USB 3 hardware information gathered

WipeDrive 6.3

  • PXE option to prompt for drive selection or erase all
  • Bug fix: CSV logger drive model/vendor were stored in incorrect fields
  • Bug fix: XML logging wasn’t escaping special characters
  • Updated the German VSITR standard wipe to a newer version (still not the latest version available)
  • PXE option to configure prompt values from the server instead of on the client machines
  • Fixed some typos
  • Added PDF logging

WipeDrive 6.2

  • Added Spanish translation
  • Added German translation
  • Added Italian translation
  • Added French translation
  • Bug fix: were USB 2 ports were incorrectly detected.
  • Added detection support for USB 3 ports
  • Added a new “long text” logger (includes hardware information)
  • Bug fix: option –quit-on-log-mount-failed is now correctly handled when running GUI mode
  • Individual drive selection (no longer all or one)
  • Added TRIM support for SSDs
  • Updated database logging fields and related tools
  • Fixed –unlock-drives option to work on all drives found to be locked
  • Option to parse CPU speed from cpu model rather than always using speed determined by kernel
  • Ability to ‘tag’ a drives first and last sector on successful wipe

WipeDrive 6.1

  • Bug fix: HPA wasn’t logged if a DCO was on the drive
  • Various other HPA/DCO-related bugs were fixed
  • Option to determine what wipe choices should be presented to the user
  • Updated user documentation
  • CSS is now embedded inside the XML file (option to revert to old style available)
  • Bug fix: SQL logging happened before prompts for user fiends were shown
  • Added cloud account support
  • SecureErase will no longer timeout
  • Added dongle expiration
  • Updated database logging fields and related tools
  • Updated support for 520-byte sector block devices
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