Log to USB After a Wipe

Logging to a USB *AFTER* running a wipe.
After you have run the wipe, navigate to the Logging tab and take note of the message there. This will tell you the name of the log file, which we will need further on. Once you have done that, type exit and select yes. This will take you to the command prompt. From there, you will want to make sure a USB is NOT connected, run "cat /proc/partitions" then connect your USB drive and run "cat /proc/partitions" again. This simply verifies that it is picking up the extra drive and allows you to see the drive name. 
Once you are sure the computer sees the extra drive, go ahead and type "mkdir /mnt/usb" to create the directory, then you will mount the drive using "mount /dev/insert-drive-name-here /mnt/usb". For instance, if the USB drive showed up as sdc1, you want to type "mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/usb".
Once that is mounted, type "cp /tmp/insert-log-file-name-here /mnt/usb"  For instance, if the Logging tab said log-d0.pdf, you will want to type “cp tmp/log-d0.pdf /mnt/usb”.
Now the log is saved to your USB and you can go ahead and unmount the drive by typing "umount /mnt/usb". 

Please note: If the log files were successfully saved to the USB when the wipe finished then these instructions will not work for you, as a tmp file does not exist.
I recommend copying these instructions into notepad so as to more easily see where each space is. You will want to type each command exactly as it is shown here.

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  • 08-Mar-2018