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Wiping a Mac with a T2 Chip


How to Wipe a Mac with a T2 Chip

  1. On the mac that needs to be wiped, open Boot Camp (this is a software that comes pre-installed on Macs).
  2. Click ‘Action’ then ‘Download Windows Support Software’.
  3. Move the folder named ‘WindowsSupport’ to a flash drive.
  4. Restart the machine, and use ‘command + r’ upon bootup to enter the BIOS.
  5. Navigate to ‘Utilities’ then ‘Startup Security Utility’.
  6. From here, change ‘Secure Boot’ to ‘No Security’.
  7. Follow the steps provided in the WinPE instructions to create a WipeDrive for Windows WinPE build. In step 5 (Add any necessary drivers), add the driver ‘AppleSSD64'. This driver was previously downloaded as part of the 'Windows Support Software' download in Step 2. To add the driver, use the following command:

Dism /Add-Driver /Image:"C:\winpe_amd64\mount" /Driver:"[FILE_DIRECTORY]\WindowsSupport\$WinPEDriver$\AppleSSD64\AppleSSD.inf"

  1. Create the image and burn it to a flash drive. Then, plug it into the Macbook you wish to wipe and hold the 'option' key at startup. Select ‘EFI boot’ for the boot media.
  2. The WinPE environment will now load and the Macbook drive will be detected.
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  • 30-Nov-2020