Manually Boot from CD on Windows XP, Vista, and 7

Changing the boot order from the BIOS of a computer allows the machine to try and automatically find the device you select and boot from it.  While this should work most of the time, on occasion, the computer won't select the drive properly.  Instead, you can try manually booting from the CD.  To do this, follow these instructions:
1)  Completely shut down the computer.
2)  Turn the computer back on and look for a prompt that says something like "Press F12 for Boot Options" or "Press F9 for Boot Devices".  Please note that the key will vary depending on your computer.  You will need to press it as soon as you see it, so be ready.
How to boot from a USB drive.

3)  After pressing that key, a menu should show up asking which device to boot from.  Select the option that mentions the CD/DVD-ROM drive.
4)  You should now see WipeDrive begin its booting process.
If the CD does not boot up after following these instructions, make sure you are using the proper CD/DVD-ROM drive if your computer has more than one.

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  • 30-Oct-2017